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Accurite HR

AccuriteHR is a diverse HR consulting and recruitment firm that opened its doors in 2012. We currently employ over 200 HR Consultants throughout the United States. AccuriteHR is truly an innovative consulting and staffing resource that our clients, candidates, and colleagues can count on!

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Who we are

We are headquartered in Caldwell, Idaho. AccuriteHR provides professional and commercial Human Resources services for all industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, accounting & finance, skilled trades, engineering, and hospitality.

Our cohesive team has more than 20 years of combined experience in the Human Resources industry, along with a large network of proven talent. We have built a company culture that attracts and retains the best talent across multiple industries. At AccuriteHR, securing the right placement is just the start of our process. It proceeds with follow ups to ensure candidates meet your expectations, throughout the life of each assignment.

HR Consulting Specialties

01. Recruitment & Staffing

Do you have a new position or department and need help making the right hires?

Hiring and Staffing services will provide you with a clear and easy to implement recruiting strategy. Streamline the process of finding the right candidate by honing in on the right hiring criteria: crafting job descriptions and where to post them, the interview process (including specific questions to ask), and candidate evaluation.

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02. Employee & Manager Training

Do you want to make sure that your new manager starts off on the right track? Or that your employees are up to date on current safety regulations?

New People Manager Training will help your manager hit the ground running and effectively manage their staff from day one.

In-person or online, Managers will be trained in performance management (including how it should look and their role in it), how to handle disciplinary problems, and how to identify and support high performing employees.

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03. Employee Retention Strategies

Do you have high-performing employees who you would like to retain for the long-term, but are worried that other companies may poach them?

Management Coaching will give your top managers incentive to stay with your organization by letting them know that you are fully investing in them through the development of their strengths and a clear path of how you’ll effectively promote them in your company.

Each one-on-one coaching session is customized to each manager’s development plan. This includes the skills they need to acquire or develop in the next 3-5 years and what their next 1-2 roles in the company should be to grow their career appropriately.

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04. Employee Investigation & Resolution

Do you have an internal problem that requires a thorough investigation? Or a potential situation that could cause legal problems if handled improperly?

Employee Issue Investigation & Resolution services will allow everyone involved to share their side of the story with an objective third party. Someone who is listening without judgment about what happened to get an unbiased and thorough evaluation of the situation to make the most objective and appropriate decision on it.

Let your employees know that you care by bringing in an objective professional to organize and interview all parties (complaint, accused, witnesses) in a transparent and straightforward manner, and get a case report with recommendations about how to move forward.

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What Our Client's Say About Us

Ted Breidenbach Utility Sales & Service

We have been working with HR Consulting for several years now and they have become an indispensable partner to our business.

Terry Albrecht Packer Fastener

Nick and Diane are fantastic partners to our organization. Their experience, knowledge, and professionalism are second to none.

Rebecca Kent McCarty Law LLP

Human Resource Consulting staff have been a pleasure to work with. Nick & Anne are very professional and available anytime needed.

One Stop Shop

We offer customized HR consulting and recruitment solutions to meet all of your human resource needs!

Why Accurite HR?

We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” approach which is why we offer customized plans. We tailor our plans and efforts to the industry, company size and staffing needs.

Ethical Business Solutions

Unfortunately, as we all know, what comes around goes around and we want you to get it right the first time to avoid all potential litigations and any penalties for compliance issues.

Happy Employees

We offer personalized plans and training solutions that help to create and maintain a positive workplace.

Remote working and job interviews

Remote working and job interviews

Gestures, ways of sitting, body language, and even the outfit you wear for job interviews have been all left behind due to limitations on health   

Hierarchy culture

Hierarchy culture

 Most of us have worked in companies that have traditional corporate structures, including clearly established leaderships setting management methods and control of all decisions …

Happiness Remains in Cooperation

Happiness Remains in Cooperation

Current work environments are totally competitive. This is what we call the capitalism’s law of the jungle, where a company’s fate is in balance, quarter